Syed Saqib Imad

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Syed Saqib Imad
Syed Saqib Imad.png
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Born 10 April 1987
Gadwalian, Pakistan
Known for
Notable work Poet, Writer, Analyst, Researcher
Parent(s) Syed Safdar Shah, Shaheen Akhter

General & Early Life

Syed Saqib Imad (سيد ثاقب عماد) is a Youth activist from Pakistan. He is known for Chief Executive Officer Asian Youth Development Agency AYDA Pakistan.[1] He is also known for an analyst, Islamic researcher, Social media activist, Author and a poet.[2]. He is the son of Syed Safdar Shah and Syeda Shaheen Akhter. He have done his basic education from his maternal grand father Syed Hafeez-ur-Rehman Mashwani. He done his graduation from Hazara University Mansehra and Virtual University of Pakistan. He is born at Sirikot the footprints of Himalaya mountains chains in 1987. He have take oath as CEO AYDA Pakistan in February 2010. He found Mashwani Welfare Trust (Changed) which is changed to [3]Ghandghar Youth Federation which later changed to AYDA Pakistan. AYDA Asian Youth Development Agency is founded by Syed Abdul Rahman Mushwani in UK. Syed's vision is clear he want to serve society as a social servant.[4]

Eduation & Lectures

He completes his basic education from his grandfather Haji Syed Hafeez-ur-Rehman then got admission in local school for further education and done Secondary School Certificate and Higher Secondary Certificate from B.I.S.E Abottabad. He completes graduation from Hazara University Mansehra and studied Business and Information Technology from Virtual University of Pakistan.

His lectures are on humanity and faith. He teaches believe in mono-real and only Allah. He is the descendant of Muhammad s.a.w.a through his daughter Syeda Fatimah Bint Muhammad s.a and Bab-al-Ilm Maula Ali a.s . He is belonging from Hussaini "Jaferi" "Mashwani" clan of Syeds.[5]

He teaches love with humanity and the concept of his vision is to make world peaceful instead of human differences.

Social Activities

Syed founded GYF Gandghar Youth Federation in 2010 which is later changed to Asian Youth Development Agency after meeting with Syed Abdul Rahman Mushwani. Syed have vision that if we want we make the world peaceful and beautiful with the help of youth. Specially in Pakistan youth was wasting time and have no clear visions but Syed tried to keep youth in the right path and use there power in positive way. In this regard the 1st youth convention was held in Sirikot Public School Sirikot, Haripur Pakistan. After that they have raised funds and do the loyal projects in youth sector specially in the area of Baluchistan. [4] AYDA was the first agency who raised their voice against the blasphemous movie maker in international court of justice.[6]

Political Career & Engagments

Syed have joined politics in 2004 at Quetta with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. He have supported Imran Khan vision for Pakistan. He was a social media activist for PTI and done work as Media Cell Coordinator for Insaf Students Federation (ISF). Later he was worked as Media Cell Coordinator for PTI Haripur Hazara Distt.[7] He have leaved PTI when professional politicians from Peoples Party of Pakistan and other parties joined PTI.[8] He do clear that now PTI is not a movement but a traditional political party which have no differences from other parties in Pakistan and have no relation with any kind of minor change. Syed joined PML(N) as Social Media Coordinator in 2012 along with Shakirullah Jan Mashwani, Syed Asad Shah, Sahibzada Hamza Pervaiz and Mian Alamgir Shah. He have done an active role in developing Social Media and team in PML(N) in the elections 2013. He also worked as President Sports and Cultural wing KPK in KP-52.In December 2014 he have left politics at all and concenrated completely on social works[9]