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Welcome at Sirikot Wiki Encyclopedia!

Welcome and Pkhair Raghlay to Sirikot Wiki Encyclopedia

ہم آپکو سریکوٹ وکی انسائیکلوپیڈیا میں خوش آمدید کہتے ہیں

Objectives of Platform

We are making and managing this platform because we have basic aims and are following:

  • Brief description about History of all nations and castes living in the area with authentic references.
  • Talk about values, beliefs, culture and ceremonies of people living in the area.
  • Spreading knowledge and awareness to youth and use their potential in a right way.
  • Articles on all credible and notable personalities of area and talk about their life style, achievements and goals.
  • Information about credible/notable personalities relatives.

Idea of developing wiki

The idea of developing wiki was submitted in an online meeting between Syed Amjad Hafeez, Syed Abdul Rehman Mashwani, and Syed Saqib Imad in which decided that Syed Amjad Hafeez will lead the wiki too as he is also leading the entire Sirikot project. Syed Saqib Imad is CEO for the project and unfortunately we have lost the great asset Syed Abdul Rehman Mashwani.

Why Wiki???

Now the question is, why wiki??? Why not website or blog or social media? Wiki is the perfect choice for sharing and spreading knowledge.

What is authentication of knowledge if everyone can share?

Every wiki and we also have Administrators and Bureaucrates who are responsible for editing and editing limits, so wikis have 100% authenticated information and knowledge.

Protection about Personalities Articles

Only administrators are authorize to edit the page about personalities, Users and anonymous users can create pages for personalities and share information simply email us the link on <> to enable protection for the personality page.

How to create page?

You can create page here:

Who are sponsoring us for this great work

We are really thankful to Miraheze team for managing and hosting our wiki and give us guaranteed protection on web. Thanks again.

Best Regards
The Encyclopedia Department
Sirikot Projects
HSG Sirikot Online Solutions team 22840 Sirikot Pakistan
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